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Yes, that’s right, ex Severed Head, Bradbury and a Britney Piñata will bend up “Straight Out of Brisbane” on the opening night event, CLUB OOPS.

Presented by Team Plastique, CLUB OOPS is an accidental teque cabaret featuring a bizarre concoction of experimental performance acts.

Heading the line up is Bradbury, Smallcock and Sweden from Sydney who are touring Australia to promote Bradbury’s new CD, “Ruffini Corpuscle”.

Smallcock is notorious for performing wildly on stage with his custom-made soft contact-microphones in his mouth.

Sweden’s on-stage hi-jinx includes the grotesque but strangely compelling “dickstretch” routine and a passion for canned food. At the recent “What is Music” Festival in Sydney he crawled into an inflatable translucent bubble with a microphone, smeared creamed corn and chocolate syrup over his naked body and did a “Jackson Pollock” on the inside of the bubble whilst singing to Beach Boys and Rolling Stones songs he’d electronically revamped. According to Sweden the performance wasn’t meant to induce panic in the audience, just in himself.

From Brisbane is the unlikely mash-up of

Team Plastique VS The nAM sHUB of eNKI,

the cute, but destructive Equalizer 24K,

Faux Dj’s “Electrotrash”,

Cherry Cherry and the Perfect Lovers,

Scott Sinclair Vs Fugal Queeze,


Ghost Hype,


and Lengai.

That’s not to mention the Britney Piniata (which will be ceremonially smashed to a cathartic ‘OOPS I did it Again” megamix), a bubble-wrap dancefloor (pop while you bop) and the OOPS Dancers- the finest all-male ensemble of interpretive dancers ever showcased in Brisbane.

CLUB OOPS promises to be a glittering night of nights where condiments, champagne and crazy sounds will flow free.

Be there from 8pm-2am @ downstairs “The Elephant and Wheelbarrow” Wickham St (old La Discotheque) November 20. Admission $4/$5