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Danke Schoen (Monsieur Peacock)

Discovered by the Team in his avant garde hair sculpture studio, Plastique Boutique, Danke Schoen (aka Monseuir Peacock) is Team Plastique's muse-both on-stage and off. It is only he who can create a world of music in which the girls can play safely, free from scientists, doctors and fanatics. When not changing the world through plastique and hair, Danke likes to preen his manly form and organise his extensive wardrobe. This is all part of Monsieur Peacock's quest to attract beautiful women to his love nest. So far, this peacock has used his plumage to great success, even though the Team has definitely taught him a thing or two.

*** A Monsieur Peacock is a proud flambouyant male creature.