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Flasher interview:

We have been really really really slack with updating our bio, so if you'd like to get more an idea of us... go to our Home page.


Team Plastique Biography....

Late last year in 2004, our member Miss Dish returned to her home planet, on which to hatch new plans. The new lighter version of the Team has dealt with the change, by having more tours abroad, and working on a number of new projects. We hope that there will be a fully revised biography in the next few days!... But knowing us, if may be months.

Team Plastique- "were" a trio of posers posing as posers taking plastique style and decadence ala Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Gary Numan to put some much needed "je nais se pas" into the electronic scene. Team Plastique is more than just a band, but a Team that likes to get up to all kinds of stylish escapades like performing in shop windows(Peep Show), creating interactive installations(Teenage Slumber Party and the world's largest plastique bed), producing a Zine (Plastique) and organising dance parties (Club Oops, This is Not Ibiza and Titanique Boat Cruise).

Currently the Team have undergone the move from Brisbane Australia, and are currently based in Berlin, Germany

Team Plastique are a trio of electronic sushi-punk posers, whose music is a sonic playground for their decadently risqué costumes and playful on-stage antics. The Team's debut ep 'Suck' is a mashed synthesis of conflicting hip-hop, electro and jungle beats styled around the universal themes of love, fishnet and rabbits. The ep also includes a board game ('The Audition') where players compete for the guest role in a future Team Plastique show, by creating stage personas and completing costume challenges. A decadently messy atmosphere is created in the Team's live shows which incorporate interactive audience games with fun cabaret performance.

Team Plastique also create interactive installations for party, art and festival events. Most recently, their deconstructionist work "Plastique Land" was installed for the entrance of the Sydney Big Day Out 2004, and will soon be toured through Europe.

They also sell the key to life for twenty cents.

" They created and performed in an entrance installation to the Sydney Big Day Out 2004
" They supported Peaches on her East Coast Australian tour 2004 and Chicks on Speed in Brisbane/Sydney 2003
" Other recent supports have included Australian bands Regurgitator, Endorphin and Spod
" The Team have performed and lectured at the Electrofringe 'This is Not Art Festival' 2002/2003
" Team Plastique have created happenings and events in Brisbane over the past three years including Smirk Underpants Launch, Team Plastique Suck CD Launch, Renegade Rabbit: The Electro-Musical and Peep Show: Shop-Window Performance

" 'Mecha Love' film clip is currently showing on ABC's Rage Music Show
" Team Plastique's Mockumentary was screened on Fly TV 2002

" Team Plastique have been interviewed on Triple J's Artery Show and have received airplay on Artery and Super Request
" The Team are currently on high rotation at Sydney's FBI station and Melbourne's RRR station
" Team Plastique have received community radio support along the Australian East Coast including 4ZZZ Brisbane and PBS Adelaide interviews


YEN magazine (Dec/Jan 2004)

"To be in Team Plastique you've got to be able to gyrate; rip gaffa off your breasts without fainting…be able to pump and jam ;pose and posture…their debut album 'Suck' in honour of those who criticise them, shows that musically and conceptually the Plastiquers really are a team…pioneers of shambolic yet professionally participatory electro."

SCENE magazine (11/11/03)

"You have form. You have fashion…RAM the two against each other, collect the splintered remnants n the floor, grab the crazy glue and piece together- and there you have it: 'Suck' by the indomitable (or should that be dominatrixing) Team Plastique."

JUICE magazine (May, 2003)

"Team Plastique are a sexy foursome who have been titillating audiences for the past two years…Together they mix extravagant performance art with sex-orientated vocals over electro-synth beats, to produce what they call 'electro-cabaret'…Style is substance and glamour is more than just a concept- it's a lifestyle."

Contact the Team:
OrianienSt 171 Berlin 10999

Legs Akimbo:


Axel Danke Shoen:


Legs Akimbo: A femme fatale across countless incarnations, Legs Akimbo channels her many past lives to find inspiration for her daring performances. Costumes are Legs' special forte. She loves to dress up, sometimes her costumes fall off, but its not her fault. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Miss Dish (Not in the Team anymore): Part school-girl, part alien, Miss Dish is perhaps the cutest, yet most intelligent Teamster. One minute she may be making out with her imaginary boyfriend of two months, Milko and the next she's decoding highly complex messages from <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<outer space.
Psykat: Mysterious, erratic and kinky are all words to describe Psykat. Rumour has it that Psykat is in fact the escaped mental patient, Laura Phillips. Judging by her destructive fascination with fire and plastic, it may well be the case….
Axel Danke Schoen: Team Plastique romantique, Danke Schoen is the Team's muse both on-stage and off. Gifted in the art of sonic seduction, he is the Saint Sebastian of the Team using the arrows cast against him to line the plastique ladder to the Stars.

Team Plastique have graced the stages in support of acts such as Regurgitator, Chicks On Speed, and Spod to name a few. 2004 will commecne with the Team performing in support of Peaches, and at Big Day Out, around Australia.

The Gigs Blurb

2001- projects, performances and events

*February 10- Team Plastique performance @ Briz31 launch party, West End
*February 24- Team Plastique peformance @ official launch party, QLD Uni
*March 9- Team Plastique performance @ Moon Bar, Fortitude Valley
*March 17- Team Plastique performance @ Zen Warehouse, South Brisbane
*March 23- Team Plastique performance @ Zen Warehouse, South Brisbane
*April 8- Team Plastique performance @ Mantra, Fortitude Valley
*May 20- performance with Axel @ Filesharing, Berlin
*July 13- Team Plastique performance @ D-Bar, Fortitude Valley
*September 7- Team Plastique performance @ Superfun, Fortitude Valley
*September 7-14 Saints of Plastique Exhibition @ Loft Gallery, Fortitude Valley
*December 7- Team Plastique performance @ Five till Midnight, South Bank Parklands as part of the official Stage X event
*December 14- Team Plastique performance and boat cruise "Titanique" @ Brisbane River
*December 30- Team Plastique performance @ Sonix Outdoor Dance Party, Belthorpe

2002- projects, performances, events
*March 2- Team Plastique performance @ World DJ Day, Pink Palace, Fortitude Valley
*March 16- Team Plastique performance @ Acidisco, Byron Bay
*April 6- Team Plastique performance and event, This is Not Ibiza @ Pink Palace, Fortitude Valley
*April 18- Team Plastique performance/installation as part of the exhibition, Pedestrian @ Modus Studios, Fortitude Valley
*April 19- Team Plastique installation @ Ecky Thump, Jubilee Hotel
*June 22- Team Plastique installation @ Ecky Thump, Jubilee Hotel
*June 29- Team Plastique performance @ Kinkytec, The Pink Palace
*July 20- Team Plastique performance @ Babelfish, The Pink Palace
*September 1- Team Plastique installation @ Ecky Thump, Jubilee Hotel
*September 8- Team Plastique performance @ Paddington Worker's Club
*October 5- Team Plastique forum titled "The Team Plastique Electroclash Spectacular" @ Electrofringe, "This is Not Art Festival", Newcastle
*October 5- Team Plastique performance @ National Young Writer's Conference as part of "This is not Art Festival", Newcastle
*October 6- interview on Triple J about Team Plastique
*October 6- Team Plastique performance @ Electrofringe as part of "This is Not Art Festival", Newcastle
*October 26- Team Plastique performance @ The Doof Tent for 4ZZZ Market Day
*November 20- Team Plastique performance and event, "Club Oops" as part of the "Straight out of Brisbane Festival" (SOOB)
*November 23- Team Plastique performance for "Straight out of Brisbane Festival"
*December 1 - Team Plastique @ Smoking When Pregnant, Elephant & Wheelbarrow
*December 7- Team Plastique perform at OMO (end of year bash), Jubilee Hotel
*December 28- Team Plastique perform at THE ZOO supporting Regurgitator, Sekiden and Ponyloaf

2003- projects, performances and events
*January 19- Team Plastique perform at The Big Day Out, Gold Coast
*January 24- Team Plastique perform at The Annandale Hotel, Sydney, supporting Chicks on Speed and Toy Death
*January 25- Team Plastique perform at The Big Day Out, Sydney
*February 15- Team Plastique perform at The Alarm for 4ZZZ Ecky Thump
*April 4- Team Plastique performance and event "Show and Tell" The Jubilee Hotel
*May 3- Team Plastique installation, performance and happening, "The Official Launch of Smirk Underpants", Judith Wright Centre
*May 31- Team Plastique performance and musical "Renegade Rabbit" at The Shamrock Hotel
*June 12- Team Plastique at The ZOO supporting Endorphin
*June 26- Team Plastique at The Moon Bar supporting Kid Kay Ferris
*June 28- Team Plastique event and performance,
"Shopping" at The Shamrock Hotel
*July 16- Team Plastique at Ric's Café and Bar
*August 12- Team Plastique at The ZOO supporting Gazoonga Attack
*August 16- Team Plastique at ROCKET FESTIVAL Judith Wright Centre

*September 5- Team Plastique at The Shamrock Hotel for Unorthodox Futures of Rock
*September 6- Team Plastique at The Shamrock Hotel for 4ZZZ Gizmo Launch
*October 4- Team Plastique perform "Renegade Rabbit" at Electrofringe for the This is Not Art Festival, Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
*October 5- Team Plastique at The Newcastle Worker's Club for the This is Not Art Festival, Newcastle
*October 11- Team Plastique "Suck" EP Launch The Zoo
*November 9- Team Plastique at The Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay supporting Darth Vegas
*November 19- Team Plastique at Ric's Café and Bar
*November 29- Team Plastique at The Sando Hotel, Newtown, Sydney
*November 30- Team Plastique at Candy's Apartment, Kings Cross, Sydney
*December 5- Team Plastique at Bingo Au-Go-Go for the Straight out of Brisbane Festival
*December 6- Team Plastique Event "The Fashion in Alternative Queensland Awards" for the Straight out of Brisbane Festival

* NYE (underground party)


Jan 18 Big Day Out, Gold Coast
Jan 20 'Peaches' support @The Zoo, Brisbane
Jan 22 Candie Hank support @ The Annandale, Sydney
Jan 23 Big Day Out, Sydney
Jan 24 Big Day Out, Sydney
Jan 26 Big Day Out, Melbourne
Jan 28 'Peaches' support @ Corner, Melbourne
Jan 29 'Peaches' support @ Enigma, Adelaide
Jan 30 Big Day Out, Adelaide


****** Team Plastique had been playing other gigs in Australia but they haven't been listed as yet!

European Dates

Currently Team Plastique are living in Berlin, Germany and playing abroad.... check the following!

June 12 @ Lovelite, Berlin, Germany These pictures also include a couple of pictures from our last gig in Sydeny Australia.... See this!

June 26 @ Spellbound, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Amsterdam pics

June 27 @ Club Vegas, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Amsterdam pics

July 3 @ Schokoladen, Berlin, Germany

July 17 @ Schokoladen, Berlin, Germany (surprise set)

July 20 @ Nijmegen, Valkhofaffaire, The Netherlands: Nigmegen (Try to find out how that is pronunced)

August 6 Mudd Club, Mitte, Berlin.

August 10 @ Golden Poodle, Hamburg, Germany

August 11 @ stengade 30, copenhagen, Denmark Combo Photos Here!!!

Sept 4: White Trash Fast Food Real Life Rock Drama @ Columbiahalle 4.9. Berlin

Sept 25 (Saturday) 2004: Partisan Neustadt @ VolksBuehne, Mitte, Berlin, Germany

Oct 1: Blood @ Sage Club, Berlin in the Blood Boudoir as part of POPCOM!! (performance + installation) Berlin, Germany

October 8 @ Artlaunch Melkweg Amsterdam, Holland

October 9 @ Ship of Fools, Amsterdam, Holland

October 22 @ Barbie Deinhoffs "Night of the Sandwich 2", Kreuzberg, Berlin

Oct 26: Ausland, Berlin w. PMS and The Town Bikes Berlin, Germany

Oct 22: Team DJ Birthday party at Barbie Deinhoffs, Xberg, Berlin

Oct 29: The Supper Club, Amsterdam Holland.

Nov 2: The Mudd Club, Mitte, Berlin, Germany.

Nov 22: @ Volksbuehne, Mitte, Berlin, Germany. Final Show with Miss Dish

Dec 4: @ Big Eden, Berlin

December 18 @" Botox Disaster" Hotel Shanghai, Essen, Germany

January @Indigo, Istanbul, Turkey... Photos Finally!!!

Feburary 12 @ K9, KinzigStr Friedrichshein, Berlin. Live performance footage broadcast on French and German national Television.

Feb 24 Rock 'n Roll @ Sage Club, Kreuzberg, Berlin. PIX Now

March 18 "Tutti Frutti" @ GoldenGate, Kreuzberg, Berlin. *** A Team Plastique Event, Tutti Frutti Pictures

March 26 @ "Raw" Friedrichshain, Berlin. !!! DJ Team Plastique only (not live)

May 7 @ "Be Queer Festival" Dunkirk, France Photos

May 13 @ Art Gallery Bondy Boy Exhibition "Finissage" (Closing)19.00uhr, Krossener Str.27, Berlin

May Sat 21 @ "Deep" , Alte Boetzowbraueri, Sredzkistr. 83 Berlin, Germany Photos

May Sun 22 @ "GMF", Cafe Moskau, Berlin, Germany Photos

June 1 @ King Kong Klub, Bruennenstr., Mitte, Berlin.

June 4 @ Lovelite, Fredrichshain, Berlin (Benefit gig for Golden Gate)

June 17 @ Aki Reitelsberg, Stuttgart, Germany

June 18 @ Fisherman's Cafe, Langenau, Germany

June 26 @ Ladyfest, Ausland, Prezlauerberg, Berlin.... OOps wrong date!!!

June 26 @ Alte Weberei, Alt-Stralau 4,. Christopher Steet Day party (UNKUL) checkout the movie...

August 5 @ Stubnitz, Amsterdam Holland. "Klub Oops" The Tradition continues.

August 13 @ Copenhagen, Denmark (Dunst Party)

September 2 @ Golden Gate! Janowitzbruecke, Berlin Klub Oops again!!! Line-up includes acts from Australia, Holland & South America!

16 October @ Honky Tonks, Melbourne, Australia

21 October @ Mutantric Love Hotel, Brisbane... Axel Danke Schoen's breast photo essay.... "One of many, many of one", as part of "Mutantric Love Hotel", The White House, George St Brisbane (above the Dendy)

November 12 @ Trash Pop, Munich, Germany

November 18 @ The King Kong Klub, Berlin, Germany

December 2 @ U.D.K., Berlin, Germany

December 15 @ Kinzo, Mitte, Berlin, Germany

December 17th.... @ Golden Gate "a very Plastique Xmas party"....