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30/10/2006 You can buy our latest CD online in the USA or wherever... Buy CD Here!!! click it (the picture)

01/09/2006 Well, it is true... we are really lazy with keeping this site up to date... so as a result we now have our online gig listings on myspace... check it! ****OK folks... we are going to make it simple for us. Our next Gigs can be found on Myspace***

13/08/2006 Still having those offline problems... and the expected 300 at Arena was actually meant to be 3000... which it was... big gig to headline... and what an afterparty.....

21/07/2006. Had a little bit of time off line due to technical problems with our server in the US. And weird and wonderful things keep on happening with our provider here in Germany too. Anyways all in all things have been really kicking along well for us. We have played in a cult club ini London that was fully packed out a an Australian showcase. We off loaded 50 cds in one night at a festival in Italy... plus sold out of our 4 run of t-shirt... the run that we have been doing in Europe is the splatter design.. but Axel hasn't even got one... he better get onto that. And finally we had a fantastique time at a festival in Copenhagen, and caught up with heaps of our friends. Tomorrow we are expecting to play to the largest audience for us in Europe so far the expected is in the area of 300(0) at Arena, Berlin. This is part of the CSD 2006, Looking forward to it.

02/06/2006. Playing another gig tonight in Berlin, at a church (well underground a church), where I guess the crypt was. Then we are doing the 666 party on the 06/06/06.... then to London for the Billboard magazine showcase... more info on that here ........... The CD lauch went down pretty well in the end. There was well over 1000 folks through the door of the venue. We were pleasantly surprised to bump into the lads from the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs in our greenroom. Axel was completely thrown when the Drummer walked up to him and said... aren't you from Team Plastique???.... (You must remember that this question was posed when mid-song onstage).

The kids from Nuclear Family, Dunst and AlexEtJeremy & Instant Removers, all did a wicked job of making the audience go nuts.... There was a small mishap, where a little disaster was left backstage in a bowl after a member of Dunst couldn't contain himself after squirting a bottle of Ketchup up his bum for part of a performance. The picture of what remained is only on the page that is linked to people on our mailing list. So join up!

Special thanx to everyone who was involved and helped out! We appreciate your help! And we know that we couldn't have done it without you.

17/05/2006 Been really busy... here is why.


Team Plastique T.I.T.S. (This is the shit) CD Launch

27 May - CD Launch @ Rio, Berlin

With Dunst (DK)

AlexetJeremy (NL)

Instantremovers (NL)

DJ Mark Splatter (L.A./N.Y.)

and special Guests.


18/04/2006 Happy Easter everyone... we have loaded up a couple of Team Plastique Demo tracks at they haven't as yet been mastered... but have pretty much the idea of things to come on the next Team Plastique CD, being released in a couple of months. We hope that you enjoy them.

21/03/2006 Finally managed to get a myspace account with our name... someone may have been sitting on it.... but hey finally we have registered it. I am interested to see how it is for networking. It is strange that you have listed all of these people as your "friends" even though you have never met them in person or would recognise them on the street. Check us out at and

3/2006 A lot has happened for us so far this year to date.

End of 2005 had filmed and then returned to us in 2006 footage for clip "Truckin" which is coming up on our next EP that is to be released in May 2006. The clip was recorded and edited by who were voted by DJ mag as top 20 worlds best VJs. Also they won Berlins international best VJ competition late 2005.

We have done a 6 nights, 5 gigs and 4 cities tour of Italy in January, you can see the video of live performance under our visuals page. "Constantino" is a track that we wrote and recorded in Italian for the tour... I believe that it will be on our upcoming EP.

Psykat had made a quick return to Brisneyland Australia to catch up with the family. 'Whilst the other Team members continued to perform in Berlin. They opened the Tromanale Film festival 2006, and nearly didn't feature on the program due to political correctness arguments.

Legs Akimbo has had not one but two portraits made of her by a Berlin artist... more info soon.

To our surprise, and to which we are greatly complemented, we have appeared in Prinz magazine now 4 times in the last 6 months! (good press and good for us).

Also we are having problems trying to start up a myspace account. There is one that has been completely inaccessible for the last 9 months. Hence we have to have a address.

Currently we are still receiving snow at the middle of March 2006 due to one of the longest and most intense Berlin winters in over 10 years.

Also planning on having a quiet time in April 2006 as putting in final preparations for our next EP... name to be disclosed soonish. Unofficial (illegal, illigitimate) launch at Rio in May.

Already we have a label in Italy interested in for the next CD... Italian release should be second release this year.

Then another Euro tour 2006.

15/12/2005 Wow, what a long long time since getting onto our old blog. Well, what can I say... we have been pretty busy, and don't have much net time. We will be playing a gig tonight at Kinzo, and on Saturday at Golden Gate... then we'll try to have a break, and after all of that we will head off to London for Xmas... and then Italy for another tour!!! Waiting on venue names before posting.

14/10/2005 Loving Brisbane... it is really hot, and moist, and very entertaining. The Police have been making their presence felt, by pulling us over and explaining to us how they can fine us for not wearing our set belts over our shoulders. Imagine the poor geezer stuck in the middle of the back seat!!! Love you Brisbane... Don't ever change... coz we know you wont.

07/10/2005 It is really getting hot here in Australia... it is over 31 degrees celcius... will Team Plastique DJs melt???

16/09/2005 Korea! We'll get there... but not sure what is happening with playing. It appears that the police are really cracking down in international artist visas, to keep the people from partying to hard in the illegal sense. Also, still waiting on Melbourne... if it comes through yah, if not, oh...well... next time. We don't mind having a break for a while and working on our next CD in Aussie a bit. It will be the longest time that we haven't played together in over 4 years!!! So Psykat is currently in the UK. As of next week we will be on our way to Korea!... Then to Aussie.... back late Oct/Nov.

24/08/2005 After playing at off-days (Camp Tipsy 2005), Amsterdam (Stubnitz), and Finally at a Dunst party in Copenhagen... Axel Danke Schoen has decided to give the healthy lifestyle a go for a fortnight.... party due to being so trollied on his birthday in Copenhagen, that he disappeared for 24 hours, asked folks how to get to Amsterdam Centraal (not only wrong city... wrong country!!!). When he arrived home the next day... he found that he had more clothes than he had left with... no one knows where he scored the denim jacket from... but he found it when lost.

29/07/2005 Monster Zoku has invaded. Went to a few bars with Senior Tasty Taste. He is single handedly trying to drink Berlin dry!

19/07/2005 Doing our best to get a little recording done before we end up having the Monster Zoku kids come and stay with us. Had a wonderful time in Italy, and the photos can be found on the homepage.... or here.

28/06/2005 Another double header weekend. We played at Ausland (Ladyfest) on the Saturday night... ended up trollied at the CSD party at Arena that morning... Saw our friends Dunst do their thing... then made our ways home... on bikes (can't remember riding, but I did). To then go and play at Alte Weberei Fredrichain at midnight Sunday/Monday. We actually had someone make some video footage of the later gig... I think that I'll put it up. Follow this link.... And a big special thanks to Hunter from Dunst for taking visuals of us at CSD.

27/05/2005 Had a monster back to back weekend. On the Saturday night (Sunday morning) we played at a venue called Deep... which actually goes about 3-4 stories underground... and we played at the ungodly hour of 4am!!! The Next night we had the fantastic chance to be the first live act to play at GMF at Cafe Moskau, Berlin... at a more reasonable hour of 2am (Monday morning)... and there were heaps of people who came and had a look.

12/05/2005: In the process of recovering from the "Be Queer" festival in Dunkirque France. The Team had a wonderful time performing at the Festival, along with other international acts... Marek Marcin (Performer, Dancer), Thorsten (VJ, Panorama Bar Berlin), DJ Marro (Klangsucht, Bridge Markland (Berlin), Dunst & Dunst DJs (Copenhagen), alongside Bondy Boy (France)... just to name a few.

We stayed in France in a (haunted) Chateau for four nights, over the last weekend. It was 5 stories high, and approximately 250 sq/mtr per level. The reason why we reckon that it was hauted.... is was once owned by the Mayor of Dunkirque. Then it was HQ for both the Nazis and Allied Forces in WW2, then a hospital in WW2, then an Orphanage, a Home for difficult teenagers and then finally a tourist destination. Have a look at the photos of Dunkirque, and you will see that it is a pretty massive beast of a hotel... out in the middle of nowhere...(100m away from the nearest residence) and we found it very strange to smell burning hair in the middle of our rooms one night... even though we couldn't find evidence of anything burning in our rooms.

Apart from our monster Chateau, we had a wonderful daily lunch and dinner, that was prepared for us by our own Chef... who has single handedly made us addicted to French Cuisine. We couldn't believe that tastes and sensations and every other sense that the cominations of spices and herbs and alloted wines (per taste per cuisen)... it really blew us away.... I can only say....MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm. I lie in bed at night and dream about these meals still.

Of course the hotel staff weren't too pleased with some of the performers, who left a room covered in confetti, but I think that it should have been easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Thank you very much to the organisers of the "Be Queer" Festival. We had a great time.

29/03/2005... Hey all, Axel here... I should be out and about going to see Hanin Elias play at Mudd club or Peaches & Namosh host Tanzeteria... but no, I am at home listening to Baroque music on internet radio. Last week we some how managed to be extras in a Moby film clip that was shot here in Berlin. There is no way that we will be recongnised in the clip.... but they paid us anyways!!! Also last week we had put on our first party in Berlin, that was just a monster of a success, to the point of maxing out the club capacity, and the toilets (that had newly been renovated) broke down.

On the Easter weekend, we played a DJ set at Raw and were for some increadibly strange reason handed microphones and a quart of vodka each, even though we were doing a DJ set. Of course we did end up using the microphones... and of course the promoters decided to make our set shorter.... but what do you expect if you had someone absolute vodka in water glasses and say drink-up.

17/02/2005 (had the date wrong) The Team incubation period is nearly over... new recordings will be found out and about... plus potentially a vinyl release and a video-clip. A step back for the team has been the German Telecom who has been providing us with a miserable connection to the internet... so if you are moving to Germany, I wouldn't recommend them... Anyways, we did play at the same venue and stayed at the same hotel.... and got drunk with...Human league.... I'll have these photos up as soon as I can get the connection working properly. Other than that we have been working by day, party-ing by night... and Axel D S, has been a pampered poodle poseing as a poser without a place to pose.

Got back from having a wicked gig in Turkey with the Vanishing... @ Indigo club in Istanbul. Also the venue we played in was the same as Human League... who shared the same hotel accomodation as us.... crazy. Pictures!!!

Merry Plastique XXXmas…..

Yes, we are still in Berlin….Yes we are now a three piece…it is cold, but we refuse to wear jeans……Psykat and Legs Akimbo are dedicated to wearing mini-skirts in sub-minus conditions…..we only have to follow the examples of the glamorous Russian prostitutes on the street corners here in Berlin to know that these miracles can happen….

We are dancing at the Kit Kat Club and also doing a gig at a Burlesque Bar on Friday night and the next day we're heading off for Essen to play at the Birthday Party of Shanghai Hotel- a fucking cool nightclub… the new year we're looking forward to putting on our first Team Plastique event in Berlin and heading off to Istanbul to perform with "The Vanishing".

So yes, Tales of the Team…..well Legs Akimbo did some posing the other night with the "Fuck for Forest" kids….they are from Norway and Sweden and they are committed to producing pornography to save the rainforest… far, they're doing really great…they received global attention for their Summer stunt of crashing the main stage at Norway's largest outdoor festival and fucking on stage….but the interesting thing is many environmental groups just won't accept their money…..hmmmm, we always kind of knew these groups were fascist deep down….hence the Team must spread our global message of love and fun and being nice to plants and stuff behind such a decadent veneer.

Axel is recovering from one of his longest Benders in history which included many nights of multiple nightclub visits and the Spanish version of the Group "E" Hug….flamenco handclapping in a very tight circle.

Psykat continues to be living on the edge of reason and insanity, currently she is working with the children of a pain researcher….they are nice children, very nice, but they're not allowed to go anywhere near pets with their Lego Technic Toys……and she has
diagnosed one of them with a mild form of Asperger's Syndrome, but then again hasn't she diagnosed everyone with that…..????

But yes, this year has been crazy……we've done the entrance of Big Day Out in Sydney, played with Peaches around Australia, partied with Peaches in Berlin, Axel danced with Cicciolina on stage….and we actually got to meet her!!!!, we stole some of Lemmy from Motorhead's Speed, we played in Amsterdam's most exclusive club and got the plug pulled as we almost started a riot, we also played and partied with some of the biggest friendly freaks on The Ship of Fools in Amsterdam Harbour….ummm we were in The Face…..ummm we ate lots of chocolate and cheese and stuff in Berlin….
But of course, it hasn't been all beer and skittles….we've had some tough times moving here and we still think we're pretty crazy for doing it….and of course, now we're a three piece which has also been tough. But we love you all….and we miss everyone so much………and just remember if you really want to impress….just Plasticize!!!! But definitely keep it real…..well as much as possible under the circumstances……..

See you in the new year!

05/12/2004 We came, we saw, we played and also got a little bit tipsy. Miss Dish made the journey back to Brisneyland... a planet that orbits the galaxies largest shopping Mall. Life here with the team is pretty normal. We will be working on new material for the break, and also in turh modifying this website.... plus getting over the cold of Berlin winter.

23/11/2004 Last night Miss Dish had her last show with the Team. She will be heading back to her home planet to cultivate what she has learned from the team, and clone the times that she had. Other than that, the last performance was at Volksbuehne. The gig went supposedly well even though Psykat took it upon herself to give the mixing desk a drink of champange. It didn't suit the sound of the team thereafter as the volume kept on cutting out. Axel is currently battliing his addiction to German Beer, Chocolate.... and well just food. He says that he is merely just going through his "Elvis" stage.

19/11/2004 Ahoy kiddies, hope all is peachy in whichever hemisphere you are in…In the Team Plastique reality we are experiencing changes currently, but more about that later.
Our gigs have been a lovely licorice assortment, or maybe more of a Jelly Belly selection - some tasted great, while others were perhaps not the flavour of choice. We have traveled here, there and everywhere since the last update that was way too long ago.
Let's do this by the month:

September: With Trash Fast Food at Columbiahalle: we got to meet Cicciolina, Axel danced with her on stage and picked her up on his shoulder at the finale of her song….(she was the most amazing performer we have ever seen- she stripped on stage and was obvious about miming by doing stuff like holding the mike about 50 centimetres away from her mouth) Axel had spooky guys smelling his shoulder all night wanting a whiff of Ciccolina (imagine really expensive perfume), some even wanted to lick his shoulder, but you know even Axel has his limits…..
We spend the rest of September getting ourselves settled over here…we also went to German courses for FREE! Thank you Floyd!!!!

October: We designed and performed in an installation called the Blood Boudoir at the Sage Club for Popkomm….The owner of the club was by far the rowdiest, craziest punter…..he jumped on this bed (which was actually his own) and broke it, trashed the room with lots of feathery pillows and laughed when Legs threw a really large pineapple blindly into the audience…plus we were joined by Latvian lyrical powerhouse and guru, Marshy Sun who murdered Legs on stage and then became her imposter (he's six foot five and very masculine….hmmm)……we probably made the biggest mess we've ever made at the Sage Club that night….the fucked up thing is we actually are friends with the cleaners…..oooops sorry guys….
We also traveled twice to Amsterdam to play some shows…..Artlaunch at the Melkweg was a massive gig where we disturbed lots of mainstream Kylie loving gays….the Ship of Fools was a brilliant venue…a ship moored in Amsterdam run by a circus of runaways and freaks from all over the world….it was crowded and very cool and very, very crazy….then we returned two weeks later to play at The Supper Club (one of Amsterdam's most expensive venue)….this venue is totally "Wallpaper" (you know like the magazine), we wrestled in a Slag Room Tart, which translates from Dutch into Whipped Cream Cake….some things just have to be done…….ah yes….plus Psykat, Legs and Axel had a wicked bender with some friendly Amsterdamagers, we are lucky that we had to return our hire car in Berlin otherwise we'd probably still be there….mental note…never go to Amsterdam without having a ticket out.

November: Mudd Club for the BUllSHit gig, where we had a black sex doll awkwardly dressed as the man himself and possessing a Weapon of Mass Suction, whereby he stole parts of our outfits…only to be found wearing them himself! " I just wants to be purdy".

24/09/2004 The Team caught up with friends from Melbourne "The Curse of Dialect" in a performance in Mitte in Berlin last night. Axel over-indulged in Jagermeister and the rider and is giving drinking a bit of a break. Currently the weather is getting colder and colder in Berlin. Getting to below 10 degrees and Autum has only just started!!! All of the Plastique kids are planning on doing some wiinter weather clothing shopping asap.

31/08/2004: Long time no Blog. Heaps and heaps of things have happend in that time. We have had some terrible news of friends of ours dying, back in our home country of Australia. We are still thinking of our dear friends at home, and have you all close to heart whenever we get together and have some drinks. Love you guys! You know who you are... To many to mention, but still to few to forget.

On a lighter side once more.... we have scored some very chunky gigs here in Europe. It is possible that we may even be playing at the wrap for Popcom Europe, that may also have MTV play there.... not 100% about that. Since coming to Europe our website has been averaging 5 times more hits than it did back when we were in Australia. That says something doesn't it. Berlin, is now our hometown. And we love playing abroad in Holland and Denmark. We have never had a bad gig in those countries, rain, sleet or whatever.

We are going to be playing in several venues in the next month which are about the same capacity and recognition as the festival hall in Brisbane. With capacities of several thousand, one of which we will be headlining in Holland. Freaky!!!

Our recording of new material has been hindered by the wonderful weather that we have been making the most of before we head into a freezing cold winter in Berlin which gets the Siberian winds.... (yes it has been below -25C here, that is about 15 degrees colder than most freezers).

Also finally we have got ourselves an internet connection. But really, the band hasn't been motivated to sit down and work. Currently we have Anita (Ghost Hype), and Collapsicon from Brisbane crashing with us. In addition to this we have a friend from Amsterdam who has been mashing it up with us for the last week.... by the name of Michel.

18/06/2004: It has been some time since we updated this... due to travelling and having some technical difficulties.... Our friend Will died in Brisbane, Australia on the 15th of July... he came to see our last gig in Australia, and travelled 1000km to see it. All the best in the Ether... from the Team.

On lighter notes, that are of minimal tragedy, we went to a German bush doof... legs went to take a slash, and stood in a human crap.... Me (Axel), got stung on the tongue by a wasp and it swole up and I walked around all night with a lisp. And finally Psykat lost her wallet again (Including her ticket to the Stray Cats concert).

Since being away we have been travelling in an English Speaking bubble... so our Deutsch Gehts Nicht!!!! We have enjoyed the chance to meet people not as a tourist, but as a performer. We played at the Shocoladen Hoff Fest last night... and I only drank water due to a drunken bender the night before.

30/06/2004 Just got back from two fantastic gigs in Amstermdam. The first was at Occii on saturday night and the second was at Club Vegas. The gigs went well... actually fantastically well and we got to meet and hang with a few of the locals. It was greeeeaaaat!!! Currently the team are back in Berlin crashing with some friends whilst waiting for their apartment to get painted. More information once the Team is fully moved in.

23/06/2004 Had several extremely late nights in a row. The other night went to the "The Golden Gate", then ended up at "Maria" until 1 in the arvo.... a couple of days later... went to the hanger for a repeat... still on the recovery. Currently looking for a flat for the band.... wish us luck!

19/06/2004 Have been drinkiing way too much beer here. Becks is about $2 bucks au for a half litre bottle from about any cafe or snack bar at anytime.... made the realisation that in Germany Becks is the equivalent to VB.

18/06/2004 Met Karl and Craig from Rinzen on the street near Brandenburg Gate. Then got them to eat a Kebab in Kreuzberg....Took them on a tour of dangerous toys in Berlin... Later (2am)we went out to a club called White Trash (fast food). Set up in an old Chinese restaurant.

17/06/2004 In Europe... if you are not Soccer crazy, then you are just plain crazy.

15/06/2004. Just read our email today to find that some of our friends in Australia died in a car accident. We are thinking of our friends at home and send you all our love...

14/06/2004 Our gig at Lovelite in Berlin went pretty well. The girls made a mess and Axel made many crappy jokes. The German audience appeared to be a little afraid and horny.

12/06/2004 Been having way too many benders in Berlin. Drinking heaps of cheap beer.... about 1 dollar oz for a becks from the shop. Playing our first gig tomorrow.... haven't really done much practise yet...


09/06/2004... The team have landed after doing the whole... Sydney gig thursday,Back to Brisbane Friday... packing up on Friday night... Leaving Saturday morning... getting to Seoul Korea Saturday night. hanging out at the five star hotel regent in Seoul as part of our trip... where we partook in some Korean wine and ate shit loads of Korean food.... and again at breakfast where Axel ate 6 different kinds of kim-Chi (Korean pickeled and chillied cabbage)... before hopping onto a filght that took the team across 7 time zones (long trip considering the Kim Chi)... Arrived in London... Hit the bars on Saturday night and sunday... Hit Camden markets and scored some Swear shoes for 20 quid. Then to Berlin on sunday.

The trip to Berlin was hindered by a crappy Taxi driver who tried to double the price of the agreed fare once we had our bags in the car. I wish you what you deserve in life! (To the cabbie).

The Team has been having some crazy times and as a result of this may not get the chance to update this bit often... we shall see what happens in Europe.... Ciao for now. 4/6/2004


Check here in the not too distant future for ridiculous games, that may not break your brain. Just smooth your wrinkles out of it. Are these games electro cabaret? We are not sure......

If you are reading this and are a bit of a flasher... as In you like creating stuff in flash and would like to create something silly to spruce up this site. The smaller the better. Is it a competition? Well, I suppose we can see what happens with the whole thing.

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