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We are really slack at remembering all of our beautiful friends.... why? Because when we are not in your presence... we are asleep.

Links Ahoy!!!


2006 Check out the review and some photos on

The main folks linkin' us for mid April 2006....


Links from Friendlies 2006... if you aren't linked... oops, and if you have linked to us! Write so that he can fix it. Finally I put a a link to my friend Aleks.

Another band that really kicks butt in Australia is Monster Zoku Onsomb! Check their site at these guys are good pals of ours. So if you get the chance to see them do it! Also another couple of really cool kids is a band called Molliger: They really inspire us. Friends from Melbourne are Curse ov Dialect, check this site And some seriously rocking Kids, from outta space, and some intergalactic graveyard is our buddies Dead Inside the Chrysalis The Fancy Boys may be from Paris.... but they are extremely cool

Some video footage of the Team at a performance down in melbourne revolver.... Video Stuff thanx to Tim C

Did we remember to mention Chicks on Speed?

Other Bands.... coming soon

Cool Sites

Special Thanx to Lone Pine, Brisbane Australia.


Reviews, junk and other stuff

Tutti Frutti Review:

If any of the links are not working or up to date don't hesitate to write and tell us, so that we can keep our site up to date.