Team Plastique - @ Golden Poodle in Hamburg, Germany, and Also Stengarde 30 Copenhagen, Denmark
The Team had the opportunity to explore both Hamburg and Copenhagen in the one away trip. In Hamburg, the Team was proud to play a match at the Golden Poodle on the river. Axel Danke Schoen even checked out the red light district... always a bit of a distraction for the Sailors (and Axel). Copenhagen proved to be a heap of fun too. With elevator buttons that have funny meanings in English, and even a shop called "Guf".
Stengarde 30 (Copenhagen) proved to be one of the favorite venues the Team has ever played at, with a rider so great that the Team couldn't finish it given two days!!!


Axel is getting naughty in Hamburg Golden Poodle Hamburg Hamburg Beach Plastique Audience at Stengard 30 Something famous near Christanien, Copenhagen
Axel is getting naughty in Hamburg.jpg Golden Poodle Hamburg.jpg Hamburg Beach.jpg Plastique Audience at Stengarde 30.jpg Something famous near Christanien, Copenhagen.jpg
Team @ Stengard 30 Team Plastique @ Golden Poodle  Hamburg Team Plastique and Stengard 30 Audience The Girls in Redlight Hamburg axel and leopard print
Team @ Stengarde 30.jpg Team Plastique @ Golden Poodle Hamburg.jpg Team Plastique and Stengarde 30 Audience.jpg The Girls in Redlight Hamburg.jpg axel and leopard print.jpg
guf i fart the team at Stengade 30 Copenhagen    
guf.jpg i fart.jpg the team at Stengade 30 Copenhagen.jpg