London Gigs, Parties & Berlin by Team Plastique

Wowsers and webbrowsers... Team Plastique packed their bags and went to London where they headlined a gig at the Borderline. Getting the chance to make a mess on the same stage, that Blondie, Rem and Perl Jam had once performed on was really cool. Big thanx to Lars and the folks at Billboard for sorting this one out for us. We played alonside some other Aussie acts, The loudest being The Headless Prom Queens, and the most tasteful being the Audreys... and kicking off the show was Flowstate on the next couple of pages you will see a combination of pictures, from our gig, our time in London with friends etc and a little clubbing, plus something from a house party in Berlin.

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Axel Danke Schön @ Borderline Axel Danke Schön @ Camden London Axel und Lars Axxxxxeeelll Cameras Galore
Axel Danke Schön @ Borderline.jpg         Axel Danke Schön @ Camden London.jpg         Axel und Lars.jpg         Axxxxxeeelll.jpg         Cameras Galore.jpg        
Concentrate on the finger Did we go to Japan Dont lose focus... Drinking can make you drunk Fingers crossed that the soft focus works
Concentrate on the finger.jpg         Did we go to Japan.jpg         Dont lose focus....jpg         Drinking can make you drunk.jpg         Fingers crossed that the soft focus works.jpg        
Freaks Freaky Fist Headless Prom Queens House party Huh
Freaks.jpg         Freaky Fist.jpg         Headless Prom Queens.jpg         House party.jpg         Huh.jpg