Gerling Clip
Pix by Axel

Finally Axel Danke Schoen was able to tear himself away from being torn at, by terriffic tearers at that. Here are some of the pix from the Gerling clip filmed in Brisbane in early May... The night was a lot of fun.... although a little too much fun for Burke who needed medical attention, and managed several stiches alongside many photographs.

Burke Damage I like axel I like drumz Molliger and presser a hand full
Burke Damage.jpg I like axel.jpg I like drumz.jpg Molliger and presser.jpg a hand full.jpg
axel and burke axel and darren backstage dddancing extended team
axel and burke.jpg axel and darren.jpg backstage.jpg dddancing.jpg extended team.jpg
fluro nina legs and darren look at my... madeline and axel more dancing
fluro nina.jpg legs and darren.jpg look at my....jpg madeline and axel.jpg more dancing.jpg
nina filming the folks trio    
nina filming.jpg the folks.jpg trio.jpg