Team Plastique in Melbourne


dish breaking in gaffitti pose lucky axel plastique in melbourne plastique juice
dish breaking in.jpg gaffitti pose.jpg lucky axel.jpg plastique in melbourne.jpg plastique juice.jpg
plastique punters @ revolver rock it two kinds of butts    
plastique punters @ revolver.jpg rock it.jpg two kinds of butts.jpg

Team Plastique had a wonderful time playing at Revolver in Melbourne. One of Melbourne's premiere music and art venues. They fed us, got us tipsy, and didn't kick us out of the venue after we played (a big plus).

The audience was good-looking but crazy.... which is Typical for a Team Plastique Audience I suppose. Axel enjoyed and was enjoyed by the locals.... see picture.

Other photos you see above are.... Miss Dish breaking into our friends place where we were staying... Thanx to Rebecca, Helen and double that to David and Wendy.

The Graffitti was excellent, it beats the crap out of tagging.... Kids! Learn to use some colour... get more inovative....that's for the black taggers out there! We also met a splat artist who has some stuff in City Lights which was pretty cool.

Finally after gaining some sober thought the team found themselves at Loop... and ended up getting pretty tipsy at around 4am easter Sunday.

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