Team Plastique - Rome ITALY


Well, the Team finally made it to Italy. Due to the 38 degree temperature, a number of clubs had to close .... leaving us available for this obnoxious photoshoot... click on any small image to view the larger one... we hope that you enjoy!!!

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colusseum bosom colusseum close colusseum dj finger dove il bagno fountain fun
colusseum bosom.jpg colusseum close.jpg colusseum dj finger.jpg dove il bagno.jpg fountain fun.jpg
good one messy gig in italy nice fountains per cicciolina plastique blur in rome
good one.jpg messy gig in italy.jpg nice fountains.jpg per cicciolina.jpg plastique blur in rome.jpg
plastique palace pose roma metro roma metro closeup roma tiamo roman poser
plastique palace pose.jpg roma metro.jpg roma metro closeup.jpg roma tiamo.jpg roman poser.jpg