Shopping @ The Shamrock
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Team Plastique organised yet another wierd and wonderful performance... this time being the Pioneers for showing of the Shamrock Hotel. The Team happily showed off the venue, and had additional performances from Craptronic and Mr. Staysharp. There was an interesting mix of audience and sounds. Enjoy the photos from the evening.

Amandheep cheerleader craptronic crew feat monkeyboy ki ki ill, axel ds and aman
Amandheep.jpg cheerleader.jpg craptronic.jpg crew feat monkeyboy.jpg ki ki ill, axel ds and aman.jpg
legs let's go shopping miss shopping mr craptronic mr shopping performers
legs.jpg let's go shopping.jpg miss shopping.jpg mr craptronic.jpg mr shopping performers.jpg
mr stay sharp nice picture of a ummm flower onstage plastique shopping view from stage prussia
mr stay sharp.jpg nice picture of a ummm flower.jpg onstage.jpg plastique shopping view from stage.jpg prussia.jpg
punters ride em monkeyboy shopping audience the team when sushi attacks
punters.jpg ride em monkeyboy.jpg shopping audience.jpg the team.jpg when sushi attacks.jpg