Team Plastique Suck - CD Launch

Team Plastique finally launched their "Suck" EP on the unsuspecting audience at the Zoo in Brisbane. Below are a mixed bag of pictures from the performances.

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audience shot autographs axel & dsico axel and nina axel and pussy guitar
audience shot.jpg autographs.jpg axel & dsico.jpg axel and nina.jpg axel and pussy guitar.jpg
axel danke schoen axel in natural habit dolls from behind kkk
axel danke schoen.jpg axel in natural habit.jpg dolls.jpg from behind.jpg kkk.jpg
le fancy boys le fancy boys backstage legsakimbo & satan listening molliger
le fancy boys.jpg le fancy boys backstage.jpg legsakimbo & satan.jpg listening.jpg molliger.jpg
monster zoku monster zoku 2 monster zoku grind nam shub r&b plastique
monster zoku.jpg monster zoku 2.jpg monster zoku grind.jpg nam shub r&b.jpg plastique.jpg
plastique audience siamese twins slippery roger as satan supporters sushi punks
plastique audience.jpg siamese twins.jpg slippery roger as satan.jpg supporters.jpg sushi punks.jpg