Team Plastique - Play Indigo, Istanbul Turkey



axel & legs akimbo istanbul human league & team plastique pout off human league, istanbul legs akimbo, indigo istanbul psykat & the vanishing, istanbul
axel & legs akimbo istanbul.jpg human league & team plastique pout off.jpg human league, istanbul.jpg legs akimbo, indigo istanbul.jpg psykat & the vanishing, istanbul.jpg
psykat indigo istanbu team plastique's backyard, berlin team plastique, and istanbul audience    
psykat indigo istanbu.jpg team plastique's backyard, berlin.jpg team plastique, and istanbul audience.jpg

Team Plastique had an increadible time playing in Turkey to a full house at Indigo, Istanbul. We were shown about town, and fed all kinds of middle-eastern and exotic delights. Axel of course made the most of the almost unlimited beverages at all of the night-clubs that we were taken to... plus the restaurants, plus the hotel and the ever memorable bar-fridge fiasco. Team Plastique played the same venue as Human League, and stayed in the same hotel, and had the opportunity of getting ridiculously plastered with one of the members of the 80's band. Many thanx from the Team to the folks at Indigo, Point Hotel and for showing us a wonderful time.