Team Plastique - Tutti Frutti
Tutti Frutti went off like a rocket....Golden Gate was so full we will have to find a bigger venue next time... Thanks to the debaucherous Cin Cin Dancers....Strawberry, Banana, Lemon, Grape, Plum, Apple, Cherry, Cactus Fruit and Tangerine....and also a big kiss to our guest host, The Mouse.....performed by Debra Kate. Also we can't forget The Ueberbabes- so very, very sexy, Bondy Boy with his Tutti Frutti dance, the cranking Dude DJ and DJ Paisley Dalton- Berlin's Vinyl Minx.....Thanx everyone.....stay tuned for our next Berlin event........

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The fashionable P @ tutti Frutti backstage @ tutti frutti bondy boy @ tutti frutti bondy boy @ tutti frutti again cin cin dancers @ tutti frutti
The fashionable P @ tutti Frutti.jpg backstage @ tutti frutti.jpg bondy boy @ tutti frutti.jpg bondy boy @ tutti frutti again.jpg cin cin dancers @ tutti frutti.jpg
dj paisley @ tutti frutti legsakimbo more tutti frutti more tutti frutti punters psykat, lteam plastique @ tutti frutti
dj paisley @ tutti frutti.jpg legsakimbo.jpg more tutti frutti.jpg more tutti frutti punters.jpg psykat, lteam plastique @ tutti frutti.jpg
some tutti frutti audience team plastique @ tutti frutti 3am the tutti frutti public tutti frutti 6am uber frutti
some tutti frutti audience.jpg team plastique @ tutti frutti 3am.jpg the tutti frutti public.jpg tutti frutti 6am.jpg uber frutti.jpg