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You are invited to the official launch of Smirk Underpants- the world's first DIY Designer Label.
Front Space Judith Wright Centre

Saturday May 3
Gold Coin Entry

The World's Largest Pair of Underpants
Electrotrash (Faux DJ Sensations)
Axl F
Team Plastique in a very special performance
And introducing…. Psykat and the Skidmarkettes
Come Hot
Come Cool
Come in your Smirks and make DIY Designer History
Smirk Underpants the World's First DIY Designer Label is positively a fashion label for the people, by the people, on the people. Smirk cuts out the middleman in fashion- by making you the designer. By simply placing the brand name Smirk on your underpants (you could paint it, sew it, write it in Nikko or even smear it on- depending on your personal taste of course) you have "bought" into the exclusive Smirk lifestyle of stars on the rise, Team Plastique. Worn by the Team on countless stylish escapades and in their provocative performances, Smirk underpants are the Team's secret weapon.
"People often ask me how I manage to so successfully blend my poise and confidence with my unmistakable cuteness, comments Miss Dish, "Well, lets just say my underpants tell a different story, my underpants have a secret," coyly comments Miss Dish. As for Psykat, Smirk underpants are the perfect vehicle to express her crazy obsession with excrement, " I love smearing Smirk in brown paint inside the crutch of my pants, Its so fun and faux, not to mention a little bit Crapilicious." Whereas for Axel Danke Schon, Smirk underpants are the perfect accessory, "I love to love the lovely ladies and lets just say my Smirk underpants make them Smirk in more ways than one." Legs is a big fan of Smirk and wears the Smirk grin proudly, "and I'm not afraid to show them," she says, "Smirk underpants always ticks my box."
The Smirk Underpants Launch also features the World's largest pair of Underpants which allegedly is usually worn by the Ise Reclining Buddha in Japan. "It's a fantastic attraction for the Launch," says Legs Akimbo, "its about as amazing as the genuine sand from Ibiza that we flew in last year for "This is Not Ibiza." Cool tunes from Faux DJs Electrotrash and Axl F will also spice up the evening whilst the Launch also introduces noise art girl band, "Psykat and the Skidmarkettes".
Footage for the latest Team Plastique clip and visuals will also be filmed on the night. Yes, the crowd will be filmed as well….so don't forget come hot, come cool and come in your Smirks and make DIY Designer History.