Team Plastique will be debuting their first EEP yes and EP with a heck of a lot of extra tracks. The cost of the EP at the door will be a cheap $10 bucks as the middle man is taking a holiday.

The Zoo is in Brisbane Australia, right above Butterbeats in Ann Street, Fortitude Valley. The Entrance fee to catch all of this acts is merely $10 bucks.

DSICO (Syd): Is notorious for combining two tracks into one. Is noted for the combination of Joy Divisions "Love Will Tear us apart" and Missy Elliots "Get your freak on". Has performed at the world famous Love Parade in Berlin.

Monster Zoku (feat ex. NamShub- Ki Ki ill, Miss P.Leisure and KUNT): A combination of some of the most full-on performance art and banging bit crunchers. Monster Zoku will be a site for sore eyes... and we do recommend protective eyewear!!! Note: Ki Ki Ill is heading to live in Melbourne Australia, shortly after this event... so catch the former nAM sHUB in his final Brisbane gig.

Kid Kay Ferris (nutznboltz): Kid Kay Ferris, are straigth-up one of Australia's' clean-cut, well produced beat machines. Their biggest problem is that they need to carry a big stick to beat the fans off.

Molliger: We first met Molliger when one of the members of the group, performed on stage with Team Plastique, naked and Big Day Out in Gold Coast, 2003. That is good enough reason to invite these funky kids to support the Team, this and also the fact that they perform with their underpants on their heads.

The Fancy Boys (Paris): We met this band at a dungeon gig that we did at the Shamrock Hotel. I first saw them with three naked audience members writhing on the floor in front of them. Plus they trashed all of their instruments in the first song...

Jamie Whiteside (Love and Roxy): Apart from being really, really (yes really) good-looking. Jamie can do "The Robot" and spin records at the same time. He has recently performed in support of Miss Kitten . I missed the gig, but I hear that he looked great.... oh and the music is good to!!!

The Slippery Roger: A very intense experience. The master mind between unorthodox futures of rock. The Slippery Roger handed us a demo wrapped in a rubber glove... good 'nuff.