Whilst travelling in Europe Team Plastique will be using the following:


*** We bring: Guitar + GT6 Guitar FX, CDs and DVDs

*** You provide: PA, 2 or 3 Mics, CD DJs console & Mixer (must be onstage for Axel), DVD Player, screen & Projector.

Set Up:

2 x Mics dry.

(extra 1 x Mic with some delay fx (333ms delay, 30% wet, 3 delays feedback))

1 x Guitar w/ Boss gt-6 fx processor, that can use a 1/4 inch plug to mixing desk or Direct Box.... Stereo if you have 2 DIs and extra 1/inch cable.

1 or 2 CD DJs & Mixer to play CDs for backing.

What would be cool:

If your venue has a mixing desk and a PA, with a DVD player and projector. Plus some CD players, Mics and some delay FX.... that would be really cool.

We will bring the music, the guitar fx and guitar... sometimes a laptop... but prefer to play from CD.

Problems? Direct questions to Axel teamplastique@gmail.com